Source: Google images search for Black Locust

The black locust tree seems to get a bad rap around my parts, and I really don't understand why! It has just the right amount of vegetation to provide gentle shade, yet it allows enough warm sunshine through to provide just the right amount of warm light. They grow VERY fast, even in not ideal conditions. They are pretty resistant to just about anything. And on top of all of that, you get these beautiful drooping flowers in the spring time. 

Some call them a nuisance weed, and sure....they have thorns, and are hard to rid in places where you may not want them-such as around horses who may try to eat the pods that are poisonous. BUT if you love honey, you want these trees! Bees love them, and in turn make some really tasty honey! I have 3 in my front yard, near a privacy fence, and a couple beside my drive way. I love them! Others have said I should cut them down, but to me they are too pretty to cut down! They bring in the bees my little container garden needs to be fruitful, and they bring in the hummingbirds I love to watch zip around. So while others are hating on the Black Locust, I will continue to sit here in my porch swing and enjoy watching the lovely flowers swinging back and forth in the breeze!