Phew what a month!

Do you ever have one of those months that seem to pull you in a bazillion different directions? Yeah? GREAT! I'm not alone! Saturday was the annual miles long yardsale extravaganza we always travel to. The man of the family loves a bargain, and he loves to go rummaging. So we get up early, have breakfast, and embark on a grand adventure. This year we snagged a couple Longaberger totes (ok, I got them for ME!) a nice crocheted throw, some kid's clothes, and a pretty awesome hand crank radio/flashlight/charger thingy for just $5.00! After a trip out for dinner, then to Lowe's to get some wavy Petunias, we were finally back home to rest. Or so we thought! Nah! We decided to take a late night (9pm) trip to a friend's house to roast marshmallows and make smores! After that it was back home. The next day we got up early to head out to the cemeteries to decorate for memorial day. We had a lot of traveling to do. I put the flowers on my dad's grave, then we planted some flowers on the grave of our cat that recently died per Mr. B's wishes. After that we headed out father into the rural country to The Man's mom's grave. After visiting for a while with his mamaw and uncles, we decided to stop in at his cousin's place. They also homeschool their two kids, AND their niece and nephew! So Mr. B had a GREAT time playing with the boys. By the time we got home we were all exhausted! It's been that crazy busy the entire month! I'll post pics later....when I have time! GEESH!