Date Night

Do you go on Date Nights with your significant other? We rarely get the chance, usually opting for family nights instead. But the past two nights my son has decided he wanted to stay with his auntie and Mamaw. So the first night, both of us were exhausted and didn't feel well, so we played online. Romantic, huh! Then Thursday night we went on a date! We went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron. If you are a Marvel fan, GO SEE THIS MOVIE! We went to the 10pm showing, and by 12:30 when the movie was over, I was definitely feeling my age! We stopped in at a little 24 hour diner/truck stop. I had toast, he had a sandwich. Then we made our way home, and fell asleep....until 4:30 when he woke up sick with a terrible fever and chills. Then I felt sick, because HE felt sick. So yeah, apparently we need to take a class on how to have a date night in your mid thirties when you finally get 2 consecutive nights a lone. HAHA!