One week of Real Homeschool Life Day 1

This week I am joining 52 other homeschool families to give you an inside look to our crazy Homeschool Life! Hope you enjoy!

My superhero!

Monday-Day 1: 

Today is an "Off" day. Yesterday was Easter, and my son may or may not have a visit with his biological dad. Either way, I have to make time to run by the doctor's office, call in a refill, and drop by the pharmacy. There is a very slight chance of showers today, but other than that the weather looks nice at 66f. So we may spend some time outside. A couple of weeks ago I decided we would do a "fair weather" study of sorts. We are talking a lot about plants. Our yard has yet to grow grass following the construction of our home, so I bought several bags of grass seed. We have been monitoring the changes that are occurring, and literally watching the grass grow (Photos to be edited in soon.) We are also starting a "Birds, Butterflies, and Bees" study, so we are always on the lookout for different types of birds, listening to their songs, etc. There's not a lot in the way of butterflies and bees, but those will come!

Our day starts with breakfast. A hungry boy is an unfocused boy! I then give him some creative play time. Legos, specific computer games, etc. are all open for him. After this, we began a Bible study with Real Life Press's Firmly Planted (Story of Moses, book to come in a few weeks....) We are starting a study of Medieval times, so there will be no history today while we wait on the books to arrive this week. My day will be spent searching for more medieval fun! (Bible: 30 minutes)

After the Bible study comes Math. We have to use a variety of methods for math because of the autism. I want to make sure he understands and "gets" the concept in a number of different formats (mental math, pencil and paper, calculator, computer, etc.) This morning it is worksheets and computer math. (Math 30-45 mins)

BREAK TIME! PARTY ON! It's a small break, a snack, and some play time. Then we tackle science. We are using Visual Learning Systems Digital Science Online (see my review here: Digital Science Online Review ) We love it! (Science 45 mins)

ANOTHER BREAK?! SAY WHAT?! Yes, we take frequent breaks. It's time for a walk outside!

During out walk we stopped to investigate the moss, and remnants of a Squirrel's dinner. 

This will be a GREAT addition to our study of Birds, Butterflies, and Bees!

Last for the day: Spelling. (Spelling: 15 mins.)

After all of the "formal" stuff, he will do "free learning" where he gets to explore whatever he wants, ask questions, etc. Today's "free learning" was city building with Legos, then destroying those cities with "natural disasters" that included blanket tornadoes and paper plate gale storms. 

Monday's are Fun Days....and we take them light and easy!

Cooper the Cat, why? Because he's awesome!

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  1. We love the Visual Science here too :) Thanks for the view inside your homeschool:)

  2. I think I drive my homeschool friends nuts with my constant, "You NEED this!" when it comes to DSO!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day of learning!


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