Real Life Day 5

So yesterday didn't go as planned. Go figure, right? I had this beautiful, thoughtful post ready to go....and of course the weather is terrible, my internet is going in and out, and nothing gets posted. In fact, it is all lost.

So the plan yesterday was to sleep in, have a nice leisurely day of learning, clean house all day, and have some "me time" in the evening. My fiance was to work a double, so I was going to spend my time spring cleaning while Mr. B was doing some online work. Yeah....that worked out just swell! (Note the Sarcasm!)

I woke up early thanks to a crazy dream. After that, a surveyor I wasn't expecting showed up unannounced (I hadn't even brushed my hair!) Then I had to rush out for a session, impromptu of course. So I had to call my step dad to come watch Mr. B. I finally get back, but by now I'm too exhausted to clean. So I figure I'll just have a frozen pizza for dinner, and clean later. Then the fiance calls and says he's not working over. Well, sorry buddy....No dinner for you! Yesterday's school work consisted of reading, and learning about weather radars.

I go to bed thinking, this will be a better day. LOL! Funny that.

Today: Today started about 3 hours after I managed to fall asleep with a severe storm that woke Mr. B. He was up for the day. We have had breakfast, I'm getting ready to give him his morning meds, and take mine. After that I have to run to the bank, go to the hospital for a test, then go food shopping. We have a full day tomorrow, so we have to use today to do everything we were supposed to do yesterday. Fun times....on 3 hours of sleep. So the plan, if you choose to accept it, today is to work on online math and reading, some spelling and make up handwriting. Let's hope the internet holds out!

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