Real Life Autism Homeschooling

As you know, I'm involved in a blog hop to bring you 5 days of "Real" homeschooling. thus far I've pretty much given you the schedule, and the products we are using. I want to bring to light a little more into the autism aspect of our homeschooling.

Yes, we got up, had snuggles, giggles, and breakfast-But we also had morning meds, multiple meals since he can't just eat 1 meal and be finished. He has 4 or 5 things over the course of 90 minutes or longer. We had stomping, clapping, and generalized noise making during my phone meeting, then time out-and time out for getting out of time out. I said our schedule was an estimate, and it is. It is now 1pm, and we've not even finished part 1 of our schedule. This is why I homeschool. I have the flexibility to change the plan as needed, to accomplish what needs accomplished.