One week of Real Life Homeschooling: Day 2

Tuesday...Day 2. I am supposed to be on the ball by today, right? (Insert hysterical, borderline maniacal laughter here.....) Oh well, do I get an A for effort at least? It seems I always have the best of intentions, yet the follow through is lacking. I had planned to go ahead and start our Medieval study today since I received two of our anticipated books yesterday, a day early. Instead, I find myself sitting in an office in a meeting. Fun times my friends, fun times. But that's ok, because the beauty of homeschooling is the fact that our lessons are mobile! I can easily grab a folder with some worksheets, or grab a book, and take it along in the car. Oh, and did I mention I'm sitting by the phone waiting on a man to call about installing gutters on my front porch? Yeah, I'm doing that, too!

9:00 am Wake up, breakfast, get dressed, morning tidy up.
I feel obligated to share our "healthy" breakfast. I had a lovely, warm....gooey....decadent....frozen breakfast burrito. 90 seconds in the microwave, let it sit for 2 mins....yum. My son had some "cheese-less pizza toast" which is bread, pizza sauce, and pepperonis microwaved.....and Easter candy. Mom of the year friends, mom of the YEAR!  With that said, I also want to share HOW my son woke up. He didn't wake up to the stark shriek of an alarm at 6:30am, or me trying to rush him to get dressed before he misses the bus. No, he woke smiling, ran downstairs, and we got in some laughs, tickles, and cuddles before settling in with breakfast and his lessons.

10:00 am Free time.
He's discovered Sim City....need I say more?

The rest of these times are all estimates since I'm posting before we actually get to this. I don't necessarily expect this to all go as planned. But that's ok. Life isn't perfect!

11:00 am Math
We are working on a review (SHHHH it's a SECRET!) , so we are using this math today, and well....every day because I love it For fun, he will be using GPALearn's GPALOVEMATH. You can find the review HERE: GPALOVEMATH.

11:30 am spelling (Working on another review! And yeah....loving it, too!)

 Noon, leaving to meet mamaw. I'm hopeful at least, that we will be out of the house by noon!

EDITED: So exciting! It's 1:30 and I've stumbled upon a Live Giraffe cam showcasing a giraffe at the Dallas Zoo that is due to give birth anytime now! Change of plans! We're on Giraffe watch! (Homeschooling is so cool!)

 4:00 pm Language Arts.

And that is our Tuesday. fun and exciting, right?! Sigh....hopefully tomorrow will be better!

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