Real Life Homeschool: Day 3

"Ahhhhhh" I think to myself last night. Nothing planned for today, we can take it slow and easy, work in a little unschooling mixed with a bit of spelling and some social studies. Then I remembered...DARN! I have a photo session scheduled today. I'm allowing Mr. B to sleep in, while I catch a little alone time, me time, quiet time, whatever time that doesn't involve other humans. It is 9:35am. The sun is shining. I thought it was going to rain all day, but I suppose it is on its way. The birds are singing. It's a beautiful day to sit quietly alone. When Mr. B wakes up, he will have his breakfast, and some electronic time. We have to meet my mom so she can watch him while I go do the shoot. When we get home he will do one lesson in spelling, and one online math lesson. Today is a "SUN" day, so we're taking it! We can add in extra studying on a more raining, dreary day.

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  1. Way to change it up! I struggle with this sometimes.

  2. Thanks! I've learned (sometimes the hard way) how to deviate from my plans. This whole week has been one whacky week! Surveyors, weekday photo sessions, the realization we have nothing but 2 boxes of frozen fries and left over pizza in the fridge (my poor step dad resorted to pecan pie for lunch! LOL!) But we have learned! We've played games, we talked about interest and percentages at the grocery store, he's learned about city zoning thanks to Sim City, and budgeting---again thanks to Sim City. We've discussed doppler radars, how they work, and the different types of tornadoes. We've watched tornadoes and radar on TV. We are learning, despite the messed up schedule and lack of books!


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