Wednesday, April 22, 2015

About all of those lists we constantly see nowadays....

You know the lists I'm talking about. Those "10 things not to say to a mom with a child with autism." Or, "8 things never to feed your child with...insert malady here...." I'm sick of them!  Just because that 1 mom takes issue with it, and creates a list of things on her blog, suddenly EVERYONE who falls under the same demographic is supposed to feel the same way. Well, News Flash: WE DON'T! You can say my child is autistic. I'm not offended. I say it! Why not? Why is that a derogatory phrase? Is saying a child is diabetic suddenly slanderous as well? I don't get it?

Listen up! If we want acceptance in society, then we really need to quit getting so offended over every little thing! My child HAS autism.  My child is autistic! I'm not offended by that!


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