The problem with the Public

I'm thankful things like this did not happen very often when B was little. But sadly, it happened. One time is one time too many. Once a family was much to outraged at the fact my 3 yr old, who could not manipulate a spoon, was eating cake with his hands. Another time a server was upset because he dropped his cake. And then there's the fateful day we took him out for his birthday, he was shaking his head, and the manager of O'charley's and our server asked us if we would like for them to call an ambulance----because naturally we'd continue with our meal should he have needed emergency care. That same day we were asked to leave Camden Park because of his stimming.....a child shaking his head is a distraction which could be a safety hazard I was told. I'm beginning to realize it is not the children who need therapy, it's society....society needs therapy.  Watch this video, then share how you would react in the comments below. 

Man Yells at Autistic Family