Lord Heritage HomeSchool Office Review

HomeSchool Office Review
I was blessed with the opportunity to bring you a review of Lord Heritage HomeSchool Office.  The HomeSchool Office is a web-based scheduling program that allows you to integrate all of your students, their activities both inside and outside your homeschool, and any and all homeschool projects and assignments. You can keep track of attendance, grades, and even a "To-Do" list! You can also keep track of any other teachers or school district members who have an active part in your child's education. 

The Details

This is the main "Hub" so to speak. Home is your main page. Team is where you can add teachers, school district information, students, resources, and Friends. (Friends are similar to online address book.) 

This is the Team tab. 

This is the "Plan" tab.

Plan is your homeschool plan. Here is where you can add recurring subjects and projects (under master schedule) and they will show up on your calendar. You can view the whole year at one time under "School Year Plan." You can set your budget for any sort of expenses under the "Budget tab," and then "Projects" is where you can store specific project details. "Plan" is where you can also weight each subject, and decide how much time and credit is to be given to each subject. 
The Order tab is a calendar where you can input daily objectives. This month has been a very rough month for us with a death in the family and terrible weather, so I've not taken the time to work on our March Calendar. I did a day's input so you can see what it looks like.

The "Work" tab has the same look as order, but lacks the ability to modify the way "Order" will.

The "Evaluate" tab is where you keep track of grades and progress. 
You can choose between each student, then select the subject you set up under the "Plan" tab, then the assignment. You can then keep track of each assignment and the grade given. 

The "Report" tab is a really great tool for keeping track of transcripts and all of the other tabs. You can go in, select the areas you want, the quarters you want, and export to to Word.  I've not used this for more than one school year, nor did I try to add more than one school year, but it appears as if you can keep track of previous years in the "Report Tab." This would be a big help, especially for older students who may need to show colleges what courses and projects they have completed in their homeschool studies.

**Edited note: I received confirmation that YES it DOES keep track from year to year. Also, if you begin HomeSchool Office midyear, you can easily go in and add earlier grades for transcript and record keeping purposes.**

I'm not much of a "planner"type person, but I found some helpful tools with Lord Heritage Homeschool Office. I do wish there was a way to incorporate a household budget, and household calendar. That would be very helpful for me, and would be a fantastic component to Homeschool Office. It would be great to be able to schedule in doctor's appointments, cleaning schedules, etc. in with the regular homeschool day. (You CAN add these things into each calendar, but I would like 1 solid calendar for these.) And I would like to see a way to integrate a home office, household calendar, and the homeschool office into a single program. A way to adjust and keep track of a household monthly budget in addition to the homeschool budget would be awesome. The addition of these suggestions, in my opinion, would make Lord Heritage Homeschool Office pretty perfect. But again, I'm not much of a school only planner, so keep that in mind with my suggestion. 

**Edited note: I received confirmation that you can keep a household calendar, or multiple calendars with your own schedule organization. You can choose which of these you wish to view and which you wish to turn "off" at any time. That's the beauty of the "Order" and "Work" tabs, and the "Master Schedule." 

Overall: Lord Heritage HomeSchool Office is a really good planner for those who utilize online or electronic planners. It is also very beneficial if you have more than one child, multiple educators who have a hand in your child/children's education, or you deal with the school district often. It is really nice to have the budgeting tab, as well as the "friends" tab for easy access to that information. I like the running "To-Do" list, even if it doesn't have a household budget. The Report builder is a very nice tool that would really be a big help if you need to build a transcript. I also want to point out that they have fantastic customer service!!!!

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HomeSchool Office Review
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