Autism and the Great Vaccine Debate

My son is fully vaccinated. There...I said it! Do I feel this led to his autism? No. He was showing signs well before the dreaded MMR shot. Nor do I feel this made him "worse" in any way shape or form. I will also say, if I ever have another child I will also vaccinate  that child.

WAIT?!WHAT?! That's the typical response I get. HOW could I risk another child have autism from vaccines?! My question then becomes, why should I fear autism more than polio? More than tetanus? More than dying from a disease that could have easily been prevented? I have seen my child suffer with pertussis and nearly die. Trust me, that pales in comparison to weekly speech therapy!

Vaccines do not cause autism! At least, it hasn't been shown in any research done to date. Oh...but what about Andrew Wakefield? Wakefield altered his results in order to get his falsified research published, setting off a huge debate that has lasted longer than his article ever dreamed. No one, at any point in time, as ever been able to duplicate his findings. His research assistants went on record as saying he asked them to falsify the numbers.

Autism has been on the rise for sometime, but has recently been in the news to a greater extent. the drastic rise took place in the late 90s. If Vaccines caused autism, this dramatic rise would have paralled the use of vaccines through history, and it just doesn't. We would be seeing autism all over the place if it was just vaccines.

The point is, correlation does not equal causation. For example, during the summer months, Ice cream sales increase. At the same time, crime increases.  Eating Ice cream causes an increase in crime. NO! Correlation vs. Causation! There has not been enough research done to find a cause, to find a trigger, to find anything that points in the direction of what causes this. But there is research that has shown what diseases such as polio can do. Food for thought....