Vegetable Beef Cabbage Noodle Soup

Growing up, I LOVED my Mamaw's vegetable soup. She would make it every month or so, and it was just a hodgepodge of goodness. As I got into my teen years, she taught me the art of making her super easy "Everything" veggie soup. I have since tweaked it a little, and I call the creation, "Vegetable Beef Cabbage Noodle Soup."  It really is the perfect comfort food on a cold day, or any day for that matter!

1 packet Beefy onion soup
1 can tomato sauce
1 small bag frozen mixed veggies or 2 cans of mixed vegetables
3 potatoes, cubed (or 2 cans)
1 bunch broccoli
1 bunch cauliflower
1 small head cabbage
1 pound ground beef ( I use ground round generally)
Homestyle or Amish style egg noodles
Water to fit the needs of your soup (around 3 cups + or -)
Onion powder to taste
Garlic powder to taste
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste.

Admittedly, I never measure, so you can tweak the amounts to fit your needs.

Season with onion and garlic powder, salt and pepper, and over-brown your ground beef and drain. Add in one can of tomato sauce, with 1 can of water. Add it all of the veggies and the noodles. Stir and simmer until everything is tender. Taste. you may need to add a little tomato sauce or some salt. It really is THAT easy! It is even better the next day.

I hope you enjoy this easy everything soup as much as I do! Let me know what you think!