Shopper's Cards: How We Save Money Series.

Shopper's Loyalty Cards

I remember that fateful day, standing in the Kroger check out line arguing with the cashier over a bag of chips. The price rang up over double what the sticker said, and I was not a happy girl. You see, I had missed that small print at the bottom of the price sticker that said, "Card price."Card price? What in the world? So then I went into a tirade about how that was sooooo unfair, I was NOT going to get a card to save money with it was obvious the store was just trying to dupe people into spending more....etc....etc....etc.  That, my faithful blog readers and friends, was my first experience with my best friend: The shopper's loyalty card. 

Shopper's cards are one of the ways we save money as a family. They track your most common purchases which lead to coupons for things you may like, and they track the totals spent which lead to huge savings in the long run. On top of that, as the story mentioned above, you get in on special card holder only pricing. Here are a few of the cards I use, and the benefits of those cards.

1.) Ollies: Ollies is a discount buyout store. Periodically we will get a coupon in the mail for 10-25% off a TOTAL order due to our shopping record there. I get household goods, pet goods, and they have a fantastic selection of books and homeschool material. Just the other day I got a post card in the mail for 15% off a total order. 

2.) Kroger card: I can't tell you how much I love my Kroger card. You get coupons mailed to you of the things you buy the most, you get special sales prices, and you get $0.10 off each gallon of gas for every $100 you spend in the month. These can be accumulated to add up to $1.00 off each gallon! On top of that, you always save $0.03 off each gallon at a Kroger gas station and some Shell stations.  That may not seem like much at one time, but over the course of several fill ups it really adds up. Just last night I checked out only to discover I had a 20% discount on my card that I could use. I ended up not only saving with the special sales prices, but I saved 20% off the grand total! All together my bill dropped from $107.00 to $71.00! AND I got enough points to get $0.10 off each gallon of gas! (My sincere apologies go out to that cashier from way back in 1999!)

3.) KMart/Sears Shop Your Way Rewards card: This card is fantastic! You rack up points for every dollar spent, and sometimes you get bonus points, or coupons for bonus points. A few times I've gotten coupons for 5-10,000 points for spending $30-50.00 on things I needed buy anyway. The points save up to be real money that you can claim in the form of gift cards or savings off your check out bill. Several times I've gotten free $5.00 gift cards just for spending $50.00 in one trip. I once I had $8.00 saved up on my card that I was able to apply at Sears to buy a dress. This card works at both Sears AND Kmart.

CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid: CVS card members have access to a coupon machine at the front of the store that spits out differing coupons that rotate daily and weekly. Combine these with your other manufacturer coupons, sales prices, and rebate cash and you can really save a ton of money! Walgreens has register cash. If you play your cards right (pun totally intended,) and arrange multiple orders to coincide with coupons and register cash you can actually end up having your register cash pay for your goods! I purchased over $90.00 and only paid a little over $30.00! Rite aid also has a similar program. 

There are more that I use, such as Sephora, Footlocker, Bare Minerals, etc. All of these track points and purchases for free gifts, coupons, discounts, and more. Loyalty cards are a fantastic way to save money for free.

Next week I'll detail Register cash, until then HAPPY SAVING!