Roadmap Genesis Documentary Review and Giveaway!

"I say Genesis, you say......."  

This week, I'm excited to bring you a review on Roadmap Genesis, a Nolan Lebovitz documentary that questions the applicability of the Biblical book of Genesis to today's world, and poses the argument that Genesis can be used as a guide in solving the problems of today's soceity. Following a spiritual turning point in his life after marriage and the birth of his children, Roadmap Genesis takes Lebovitz across the country in his quest to answer the question, "Is Genesis still relevant."

During the film we see both believers, non believers, and people of different faiths, interviewed about their opinions of the book of Genesis, and what it means to them. In addition to that, Lebovitz utilizes these answers to lay the foundation that not only is Genesis still relevant today, but poses the suggestion that if we follow the stories found in Genesis, we would realize that it is through Genesis that we can rebuild our once bustling society to become a world leader once more. From Ken Ham to Mike Huckabee, to workers and partakers of a soup kitchen, all agree that the book of Genesis is as important today as it was eons ago.

Here is a screen shot of one of those interviewed:

Lebovitz does a fantastic job of inserting American patriotism. He shows a particular brilliance in the order at which he showcases the "on the street" interviews with by standers. He begins by showing those who are either non believers, or non-interested parties. Those who may or may not have read a little of the book of Genesis at some point in time in their lives-many who have not-are featured first. In the middle we get snippets of the same along with clips from news or home videos to illustrate his point, and interviews with leaders such as Ken Ham. He finishes with on the street interviews with those who have read Genesis or those who do believe that Genesis still plays an important role in today's world. All of this is wrapped up and mixed in with longer, one on one interviews, with researchers and clergy, along with news clips. The journey from negative responses to positive is pure brilliance. The way he intertwined people from varying faiths from Atheism to Judaism to Christianity is flawless. He takes 26 people of varying faiths and backgrounds, and films them in such a manner that they flow from one to the next seamlessly. The cuts from presidential speeches, and news clippings, further the point of WHY we need to pay more attention and do something now.

Simply stated, this film helped to strengthen my own personal beliefs. We sat down as a family to watch this, and I was getting a little bummed because my son was busy playing and my fiance was on the internet. About 5 minutes into the film I watched as my fiance slowly shut down his laptop, and my son forgot about playing. Both were glued to the screen. The film is engaging, interesting, and thought provoking. I truly never viewed the book of Genesis as applicable in the way Lebovitz has showcased it to be. He manages to hit upon politics, environmental causes, humanity and racism all in the same 1 hour and 17 mins, yet you don't feel rushed or led astray. You're left wanting more.  I pray Nolan Lebovitz continues on this project to further answer not only the question of is Genesis still relevant, but delve deeper into the stories of Genesis and how those stories can be used today. Lets hit each aspect, one by one, to go into greater detail. Lets dissect the story of the Tower of Babal to get to the root of Racism, lets talk more about being the caretakers of our garden and our world, and how we are destroying it. Lets talk more about God's creation and that of man, and how we need to humble ourselves to save ourselves. Each of these is touched upon, and done so very well. Now, I'd like more indepth coverage on each one individually. Nolan Lebovitz, challenge issued!

"I say Genesis, you say......." I say, I WANT MORE GENESIS!

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  1. Looking forward to watching this! I think Genesis is 100% relevant today!

  2. Truly relevant. It informs, defines, and deeply expresses God's love for us!

  3. I think all the the Bible is relevant to us today. I'd love to hear this video's take on the subject!

  4. of course it's relevant. if you don't believe creation it casts doubt on the rest of scripture.

  5. I agree with you all, it HAS to be relevant!


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