Molly Green Shops: Great for the Homeschool Mom!

Press Release:


Reclaim Family Home-Based Living with Molly Green

Gray, TN – December 28, 2014 – Today’s family schedules are so full of activities that people are often away from home more than at home. There’s a feeling that we’re missing something important in our achievement-driven culture, and many are longing to recapture the simpler days gone by. 

Paul and Gena Suarez, the founder-owners of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine (TOS), have launched the solution. On December 15 final beta testing of the completely revitalized Molly Green Magazine website ( began. The Molly Green, LLC, brand encompasses several offerings to meet the needs of modern families looking for a home-centered lifestyle.

1. Subscribers to the free digital edition of Molly Green Magazine at get resources covering the four pillars of home-based living: HOMEsteading, HOMEkeeping, HOMEschooling, and HOMEindustry. This is a beautiful 80+ page digital magazine packed with articles to educate, enlighten, encourage, equip, and inspire readers! It can be enjoyed online or as a free mobile app. Free back issues are available

2. Membership at is only $3.95/month or $39/year. Members receive access to practical resources including: 

•   Community – Connect with people who share your home-based interests on the social networking platform. “Friend” people, chat in the forum, start your own groups, send private messages, and post status updates in a more private environment! 
•   Meal Planning Resources – Keep meal preparation and shopping streamlined, organized, and easy. Get free access to Build A Menu’s “Dine-on-a-Dime” menu and a discount offer for their full membership.
•   Unlimited Access to a Growing Collection of eBooks, planners, and printables to help you manage the home front.
•   More members-only items will be announced soon in future press releases.

3. Digital products like eBooks, printables, planners, and more are for sale at Shoppers will find a variety of professionally produced resources to help them enjoy their at-home lifestyle. 

4.  Lastly, Molly Green is proud to offer Cottage Shops at! This is where Internet technology meets the main street farmers’ market and is an experience like nothing the Internet has ever seen:
•   Sell goods from your very own Cottage Shop. For the low price of $15.95/month or $175/year, users get their own website with WordPress and WooCommerce-driven e-commerce shopping carts. Sell crafts, eBooks, local goods, services, and more! Users can also blog, build their direct sales business, or even do affiliate marketing. The best part is that users pay no listing or selling fees because transactions are fully kept on their own websites with their own PayPal accounts. To top it off, Molly Green will be promoting the Cottage Shops to our entire audience.

•   Visit to explore and shop the specialty items sold from our users. Molly Green encourages homesteaders to support one another in a community of buyers and sellers. 

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine invites everyone to visit and www.Mol  to explore all that Molly Green has to offer.