2015 Goals progress

A couple of weeks ago I made a post about a 2015 Goals challenge over at Garden Grasses. So far I've been tackling these goals little by little. The other morning I woke a few hours before anyone else, so I came downstairs, tidied up a little that I wasn't about to do the night before, and relaxed doing my own thing for a while. I was so refreshed I woke up the rest of the house with breakfast cooking on the stove and laughs as I woke up my son. I felt like a new person!

I have also gone through my kitchen cabinets, tossing out old plastic containers with missing lids or imperfections, donating things I no longer need/want or use, and organizing them to be more accessible and function in a better way.

Next up.....closets. I dread this one!  But, like my word of the year says, I CAN do it!