The Wonderful World of Excuses

My son has a unique ability to make everything life threatening. It's remarkable really. He can't do his chores because his legs are weak, and if his legs get weak and he has to make an epic journey to the land upstairs via the staircase,well that's just dangerous now-So of course he can't do his chores, because his legs will get weak, and then he will be forced to crawl up the steps or risk his life. He says all of this in one breath, in that whiny voice every mother just LOVES to hear, while looking over the huge mess in the family room that he (and his legs) had no problems creating. Poor thing, he says he's about to fall over. But he had no problems 5 minutes ago when he was making tornadoes with the couch throw and the guts from a most unfortunate pillow pet.

So how do you deal with excuses? What are some good excuses your kids have come up with to get out of doing what has been asked of them? And how have you handled it?

PSA: This post was supposed to have been published on 12/7/14, but a wonky mouse prevented it from being published.