Monumental Little Things

I always say it's the little things in life that mean the most. And dealing with autism, that couldn't be more true. I say now, and I will always believe, that I am so blessed because I don't skip over all the little things with my son. With him, the little things for others are HUGE things!

With all of that said, today is a monumental little thing day. (side note: Monumental Mondays sounds kinda good....I may need to do that!) All he's been talking about the last few weeks has been a D30. For you non-gamers out there, a D30 is a 30 sided die. My son LOVES dice, and we like gaming. But none of us have had a D30. When my son found this out, it became an obsession. D30s are not exactly cheap, at least usually they aren't. But as luck would have it, we were blessed to find a set that had some rather rare dice for less than $8.00 shipped with 2 day shipping. Of course I order this on a non business day, so it took 4 days. 4 days of him watching for the mail man. 4 days of building excitement and non-stop dreaming about HIS D30!

The monumental day was today. Tracking confirmed the D30 was out for delivery. We waited so patiently (haha, yeah right!) and made our trip to the mailbox to discover NO PACKAGE! Say WHAT?! How could this be?! He cried. He was so upset! There was NO package, all that build up, gone. WHERE WAS IT????? I calm him down, and we check the tracking info. Silly mommy that I am, I thought it said USPS when it really said UPS.  We were back on! Queue phone call from the doctor that sent me out right then for some lab work (I'm ok, don't be alarmed!) and when we came back we just knew we'd find that much anticipated package. We checked on the side deck, No dice. We checked the back deck, No dice. Surely UPS would not place a package in the mailbox, so I came in to contact them. Of course it if says that it has been delivered, which is said it had, you have to contact the SELLER per UPS contact page. Sigh....where was the package of DICE?

As it turns out, it was in the mailbox all along. He's now been playing for the last 90 minutes with his D30. He's called his mamaw, he's been showing it off to friends....he's so happy with his $8.00 package of dice. And that, my friends, is being blessed by the little things. This is a day I'll never forget, and I'm sure he won't either!