Ever have one of THOSE months?

So...I wrote a blog post a few days ago. I couldn't figure out why there were no posts views. I waited....checked again....no post views. This goes on for a while until I realize. I write the post sure enough, but I clicked on SAVE instead of PUBLISH! I had been dealing with a wonky mouse, and it didn't click properly!  GEESH!

So anyway, what do you do with scheduling? I would LOVE to stick to a schedule, but I find it nearly impossible to do. Especially around the holidays. It always seems like I'm being pulled in a bazillion different directions!

The past week, I've accomplished so little! Between doctor's appointments for myself, my son, my niece having finals in college, my step dad being hospitalized, and the holidays on top of it all....Let's just say I need a nap. So I plan to take the next few days, try to get caught up on what we've not gotten accomplished, and I'll be back in a few days!