Sometimes higher levels of technology represent massive paradigm shifts for me. I had to create power points in my last meteorology class, and I still remember the migraine I got from this "new" technology. The assignment wasn't hard. I only to forecast the regional and national weather for a period of 3 days. Simple enough when it is your last class before graduation. The issue was the power point! I knew the basic program (Hello Libreoffice Free!) and I figured out how to add slides easily enough. But to jazz it up? Nope....wasn't happening! I got an A, more or less for effort I think, and moved on to figuring this Power Point thing out. I had to do them in other classes, but I had always had help with them before, so I just supplied the information and that was that. Needless to say, my second attempt was better, but the images were scattered all over the place HAHA! Again, I got an A and I even earned an A overall, but the nightmare Power Points haunt me, still.

I am, by trade, a photographer. (Fits with the college degree, right?!) so I stay up to date on the latest camera gear and gadgets, I have various software to use for editing. But I still prefer old school. I take a photo "right" the first time, so there's less to do later on. If given the choice, I'd do most everything with pencil and paper HAHA! But I realize I am in the minority on that, so here I sit....for over an hour, trying to figure out how to make the Widget I thought was in place work. I'm very proud to say, I figured it out all on my own....and with the help of numbered pictures!