Rainy Day blues

Kids with autism tend to react strongly to changes in weather, Day Light Savings changes, seasonal changes, etc. My son is certainly no exception to that rule. It seems we went from mild Summer to strong Winter overnight with blustery winds and the brink of snow ever looming in the distance. Add to that the fact that it is now dark by 5:30pm, and you have the perfect recipe for "autism days."

We had such a day today.  You see, I do a lot of photography and I had some family who wanted me to do some maternity photos for them. (You can check them out here: Click here) I had to take my son because I had no one to watch him. He had been a bit hyper off and on for the last few days, but I figure it would be ok. I could not have been more wrong!

We started out with just innocent ornery boy hyper, and we ended with me sitting in my car in the parking lot, a basket full of tears, and my poor mom on the other end of a phone call trying to "fix" the problem.

But what is the problem? Good question. To say exactly what set off the shed tears is hard to say, it's more of 10000 little things that became an insurmountable climb that I could not face. And that's the thing. Anyone can deal with a bad day here and there, but when those bad days stack one on top of the other it becomes so much, that one person alone just can't seem to handle it on their own. That's when family and friends can step in, offer to ease the load a little, and help to reduce the stress. I read and article today that said mom's of children with autism had the same chronic stress as a combat veteran. Think about that for a second, because I can understand how this is so.

This is about all I can post for the day, I'm mentally and emotionally spent. I know that tomorrow is a new day full of changes and possibilities!