Getting into that Holiday Spirit

Deck the Halls....fa la la la la la la la la

I've never been one to decorate for holidays much beyond Christmas. I always seem to be in a rush. There's never enough storage space for essentials, much less holiday gear, and I am just not that creative. But Christmas gets me. I LOVE to decorate for Christmas, but the past few years I've just not been in the Christmas mood. My dad was VERY sick with cancer the Christmas of 1998. That was my  last Christmas with the Christmas'y spirit'y mood, but I still put out the lights and the tree. 

Something has come over me this year. Now, a few days before Thanksgiving, I have my tree up! That has never happened before! I would have had it up even earlier, but I had to do a bit of furniture moving. My other half and I also sat together the other night and made this beautiful garland that now graces the staircase. The cat tries to take the credit for it, but it was all us! 

Sorry for the less than good photo quality....dark light + iPhone=best I could do!

This year I have a little of that Christmas Spirit. God must have something good planned for me! My heart is filled with joy and peace. I want to cook, and bake, and wrap gifts, and decorate until I can't decorate anymore. This year I'm choosing to be happy. I know that's what my dad would have wanted.