What is Thanksgiving, really?

55 minutes before the day of thanks. Why? How many of us truly appreciate and understand what Thanksgiving really is. In a nutshell, the Pilgrims would have essentially died had it not been for the Native Americans help. These dark skinned people who had inhabited this land for generations were met with white skin folk who just came ashore. They could have viewed these new people as intruders. They could have viewed them as inferior due to their skin color, or language, or religious beliefs, or whatever....but they did not. They embraced them (for the most part,) taught them how to farm, and saved their lives. The first harvest was good, so good that Govenor Bradford declared a special day of Thanksgiving to God for the his plentiful gifts, including the gift of Squanto.

Today that idea of thanks is skewed, at best. Sure we say grace for our meals....sometimes. But how often to we really stop to Thank God for what we have? What we wanted and did not get? Sometimes, after all,  what we want and do not get are the greatest blessings! In addition to that, how many times do we stop to pray for those who have not. We are a spoiled society who gorge on food, waste so much, and then spend hundred's and thousands of dollars on the same day (or the day after) we are celebrating being thankful....on junk.

I was watching a TV show where 6 men (3 firemen, 3 police officers) were competing in a team challenge where they had 30 minutes to eat 17 pounds of food. I thought My Gosh, how many hungry families in both this country and else where would LOVE to have 17 pounds of food! That would last for days, not just 30 minutes! How spoiled are we?! How blind are we?! We have gotten so comfortable in our cushy lives that we never stop to think about others. I was sitting in my living room tonight feel down and depressed, then I looked around. I have a beautiful house, a more beautiful home, Christmas tree, clothes, food, family....so much. There's a roof over our heads, soft beds to sleep in, carpet and wood on the floors. Look how many mothers are out there tonight either homeless with their families, or living in such horrible conditions that we wouldn't ever want to be found. Over seas families live with dirt for floors, children sleeping on that dirt...cold...hungry. It's just not right. People say, "Charity begins at home..." And yes, yes it does. But what does that mean? Well first, that's not even in the Bible, so you can just stop saying that. The Bible says that if one does not provide for his family, he is as bad or worse than an unbeliever. It also goes on to say we should not neglect the needy, but to give....and give cheerfully at that. Charity does begin at home...it begins at home by teaching and living a charitable life, and not a greedy life. We start home by realizing how fortunate we are, by praising God for his blessings, being thankful EVERY day. But if it begins at home, it must end elsewhere. We are to go out and help, give to those who have less....help with out judging or criticizing. Help because it pleases God. The Bible never said that Jesus died for all the white people in American who have the money to provide all things for their family. The Bible says that Jesus died for the sins of the WHOLE world.....black, white, brown, yellow, and all combinations thereof. Go out and help someone this Thanksgiving, show them how thankful you are for having the ability to help!

*Please ignore typos. My fingers move slower than my brain when I get on my soapbox.*