Into the Autistic Mind

We are very blessed by my son's ability to speak. It gives us a glimpse into the mind of one with autism-And what a wondrous mind it is!

We are also blessed by the humor that comes from those spoken words.

For example, we just took a trip to Louisville, KY for a wedding. I am notoriously bad with choosing hotels as evidenced by the week before when I chose a horrible Virginia Beach hotel that basically ruined our vacation. Anyway, so I booked what appeared to be a very nice, inexpensive hotel with great ratings.) THEN I decided to Google the hotel, and I was less than pleased with the results. In particular, a few recent reviews had mentioned a strange or foul smell in the hotel and in their room. I was a bit apprehensive to say the least, but we made a mutual decision to keep the booking since they scored over 4 out of 5 with more than 1000 reviews, but we would not carry in our things until we did a full room inspection. As it turns out, the hotel was fantastic, in a great location, very clean....and free from any and all strange smells. Of course my son took issue with the elevator "smell," but he does with any elevator. We actually enjoyed our stay so much we plan to use the same hotel in the not so distant future for another weekend trip.

So we get home a couple days later, and my son is jibber-jabbering to himself, which is something he does on a regular basis. He comes up to me and says, "Mommy, the only bad smells I smelled in the hotel were my feet and the elevator. It smelled really good, except for my feet of course."

Why my child felt the need to compare and contrast the smell of his foot I will never know, but funny things like this happen on such a regular basis that we have quite the following on Facebook of friends who keep up with his funny remarks.

In addition to funny little tidbits, we get to see into the mind of sheer genius. The autistic mind works so much differently than that of the average person. When others draw power lines, they draw...well...power lines. They may draw a pole, then they will draw the lines coming off the pole as if you are standing back and looking straight on. My son, on the other hand, would also draw them from the perspective of where he stood. Even at 3 years old he would draw power lines as if he were standing UNDER them.

He also has an amazing sense of what I like to call truism imagination. He will imaginatively play, but everything has to be so lifelike and realistic. Today he said he couldn't merely imagine labels on his toy, he had to actually apply labels to the toy. If he drives around his Tonka truck, he affixes a flashlight to it so it had a working headlight.

I am constantly blown away at the degree of advanced awareness he experiences day in and day out. It really is mind blowing.