The worth of silence is apparently more than $5.00

In a previous blog I detailed how a vast array of doctors and medical professionals had told us my 2 year old son would never speak. If all of those same professionals could see him today! I wonder if they would also offer him $5.00 to just be quite for 15 minutes in a feeble attempt at alleviating a migraine.

The last few days have been "one of those days." You KNOW what I'm talking about because we ALL have them. The milk is spilled, you hit every red light, you burn dinner, the kid is going crazy, the neighbors are, well, being name it, it's going on. The changing seasons always brings about interesting behaviors in an autism filled home. We have an increase in cranky, moody behavior, self-stimming, and general autism'y stuff. (Yes, yes I did use the word stuff. It is a very handy word, very much like "ish.") This year is no exception. We've had general running, stomping, shaking, flapping, spinning, squealing, etc. Only it is made worse by his seemingly "typical" behavior otherwise. One can only endure so much stomping that it seems as if drywall is going to crack, and glass shattering squealing before...yep you guessed....migraine sets it.

Now for those of you who have had bad headaches and referred to them as migraines, you have only hit the tip of the iceberg of headache land. Migraines, for me, come on for days. My hands get tingly, my body just feels off, my eye sight seems a bit wonky. Today though, not so much. I'm driving down the road, taking our sitter to work when BAM! Out of no where some invisible man took an invisible screwdriver and began to unscrew my brain via my left eye. Insert nausea, watering eyes, near blindness it seems like. I pull over at a discount store, manage to get my way inside to find a bottle of Coke and some ibuprofen when I end up in line behind everyone's worst nightmare of a customer. She was bargain shopping, which is GREAT. She was getting half off clearance "last chance items" such as off brand coffee, brownies, cake mix, etc., and they were crazy low prices. 1.30 for a can of coffee and .20 for a pouch of brownie mix! I don't blame her. But, here I stand with my bottle of Coke and my ibuprofen wanting nothing more than to swallow a couple more ibuprofen than I should probably take on an empty stomach and allow some inkling of relief to take over when she began hollering at her kid. Yes, hollering. It is different than yelling. It is obnoxious  behavior that is generally reserved for use with friends and family, not a place of business. She had this head throb inducing raspy voice, her kid was acting as if she was entitled to grab a handful of energy drinks and do a puppy whine when her mother loudly says to put them back, as she stomps loudly away. The manager was trying to fix her order, and cutting up rather loudly with her. All I wanted to do was quietly state it was a place of business, there was a line 5 customers long, just fix her order and move along when the manager decided to open the other register. I thankfully walked over, when the manager starts speaking really loud again to the lady laughing in a high pitch laugh. My head, now feeling like it's going to explode at any minute, was on it's last leg of tolerance. I finally get out of there, drop the sitter off, and make my way home when the kid starts.

He decided that NOW was the perfect time to give me every detail he could think of about weather, bridges, planes, his toys, his toy play area, the dogs, the cats, and the theory of relativity. I begged, I pleaded PLEASE just give me a few minutes to close my eyes and let the ibuprofen kick in, PLEASE I said. No go. Then he started in on his homework, telling me what he didn't like, what he did like, etc. Again, PLEASE son, just 5 minutes. That's all. Just. 5. Minutes! Nothing. I finally said, I will give you a $5.00 bill for 15 minutes of total silence. He says, "really? A whole $5.00 bill?" I can see the gears cranking in his mind, and he accepted! Sweet Lord Above he accepted the terms of the agreement! AND....for a solid 30 seconds it was the BEST silence ever, right up until he breached the contract and started whispering 1039843039484830 questions about geography and Captain Underpants books.

I gotta say, it was pricey, but the 30 seconds that $5.00 bought were pure bliss while they lasted today. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better, migraine free day, when petty little things like this won't bother me.