The trouble with Ts....

Homeschooling can be a beautiful bonding moment for parent and child. Unless of course that parent is right-handed, the child left-handed, and the lesson of the moment is cursive writing. It will be a miracle if I survive this endeavor with my hair firmly rooted in place.

I have countless cursive writing PDFs, and one handwriting workbook. Perhaps these would work to our benefit, I do not know for sure. I figured it would be best to begin with the basics of forming the letters. Who knew lefty's make their letters so vastly different than right handers!?

I finally gave up after days and hours of trying to explain to my concrete thinking kid how to form the letters the "right" way. I elected to write out the letters on lined penmanship paper with a highlighter and let him trace them. I figure he will develop his own style anyway, so why force mine onto him. I figure this way he will learn cursive, and I hope I get to keep my hair! I'll keep you posted on the progress.